Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Trip to J-Bay a Dream Come True

Last week after the wedding i realized had had a week and a half of nothing scheduled. The students had the time off so there would be no after school program and I wouldn’t be able to start at Amasango till after the holiday. I decided that I needed to seize this opportunity and do a little traveling. The place that has been on the top of my  traveling destination list is Jeffrey’s Bay. That night i hoped on a bus and took the two and a half hour bus trip to Jeffrey's Bay. I arrived just before mid night and waited for a cab for an hour to take me what turned out to be only a twenty-five minute walk. The next day I got the chance to go surfing with three other guys who were staying at the backpackers with me. We were all there for the same reason. J-bay is the surfing Mecca of Africa and none throughout the world for its supertubes and the dolphins  which surf the waves with you. Below are pictures of the supertubes and of two of the friends i made at the backpackers i stayed at, the one on the left is Ignacio from Chile and the one on the right was Yota from Japan they were both backpacking through South Africa Surfing. I also met Mike who was from Westchester county and the three of us went surfing every morning starting early. The third day we got a ride to Cape St. Francis and St. Francis Bay.


On the last day the four of us went to St. Francis bay which was my favorite spot we went to. Its where the movie Endless Summer was actually filmed and where they supposedly found the perfect wave according to the infamous movie.This picture is of me in front of Bruce’s Wave “The Perfect Wave”.

DSC00148This is a picture of my friends and I paddling out in Cape St. Francis, just north of St. Francis Bay.

DSC00147  I have to admit that I did not believe that there were Penguins in South Africa, my sister Madison and I got in a big argument about this before I left she even looked it up and i did not believe her….DSC00146There you go Maddy I have been proven wrong!!  This place was by far the most amazing place I have ever traveled to, I look forward to much more traveling especially in this amazing province of the eastern cape!!

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